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Worthy News Brief - June 18, 2013

%%First Name%%, your commander has enlisted you!

1 Chronicles 12:1 Now these were the men who came to David at Ziklag while he was still a fugitive from Saul the son of Kish; and they were among the mighty men, helpers in the war,

2 Timothy 2:4 No one engaged in warfare entangles himself with the affairs of this life, that he may please him who enlisted him as a soldier.

When David was a fugitive from Saul, the men who followed him recognized his rightful place as King of Israel, and they developed a deep loyalty to him, this little band. As we read yesterday, these men were transformed from distress, debt, and discontentment [1 Sam. 22:1-2] into becoming mighty men of war. Having joined David, they quickly realized that they were joining a conflict.

But new believers may not immediately realize that they have recently entered the greatest war of all-time  -- the war between good and evil! Claiming the faith of Yeshua (Jesus), they are instantaneously thrust into a battle with an enemy who seeks to rob, kill and destroy them. [John 10:10] So, even with the powerful protection of a loving Father, they may find themselves dodging bullets, or even taking hits from the enemy, as they wake up to the unavoidable reality of spiritual warfare; and this vulnerable time can be discouraging, even to the point of wanting to give up the faith, especially if they weren't warned or prepared at all for the conflict...

When we choose to follow Yeshua (Jesus) we should realize we have been enlisted into a spiritual army, of which He is the General. And as we mature, taking more responsibility, we realize the danger and wastefulness of becoming entangled with the affairs of this life. This can take time, but little by little, with plenty of practice, we become equipped and experienced with the spiritual weapons that are necessary for real victory against the enemy of our souls!

%%First Name%%, wake up to the warfare, stay in training, fight the good fight; the joy of spiritual victory is so worth every effort!

Your family in the Lord with much agape love,

George, Baht Rivka, Elianna & Obadiah
Negev Desert, Israel

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Worthy News Features
Eritrea: "a Giant Prison"
Human Rights Watch described it as "a giant prison" and Reporters without Borders called it "the most repressive nation on earth".
Summer Camp for Junior Jihadis?
Tailor-made for the children of the Gaza Strip, a summer camp in Rafah tries to transform would-be warriors into tomorrow's terrorists, according to the UK's Mail.

Today's Breaking News
Around the World
Huge blast rocks Damascus military airport - RT
A powerful explosion has gone off at a military airport on the outskirts of the Syrian capital Damascus, according to witness reports and local media.

Obama Joins G-8 Allies Isolating Putin Over Assad - Bloomberg
President Barack Obama and European allies moved to further isolate Russian president Vladimir Putin for supporting the regime in Syria even as the leaders sought a way to push both sides in that nation's civil war into talks.

UK set up fake Internet cafes to spy on G20 officials - EU Observer
A G8 summit kicks off Monday (17 June) in Northern Ireland amid embarrassing revelations that Britain's intelligence services set up fake Internet cafes to spy on its allies at international summits in London in 2009.

Gulf source: Saudis supplying European missiles to Syria rebels - Ynet News
Saudi Arabia, a staunch opponent of President Bashar Assad since early in Syria's conflict, began supplying anti-aircraft missiles to rebels "on a small scale" about two months ago, a Gulf source said on Monday.

Peres throws his weight behind US plan to arm Syria rebels - Jerusalem Post
President Shimon Peres has thrown his weight behind US plans to arm Syrian rebels, shrugging off fears the weapons could be turned on Israel and exacerbate the conflict.

UK's Cameron wants Syria peace plan, with or without Russia - Reuters
Prime Minister David Cameron wants Russian President Vladimir Putin to sign up to what he hopes will become an international peace plan to end the conflict in Syria but may have to press ahead without him, British officials said on Monday.

US envoy says NATO not considering Syrian no-fly zone - Times of Israel
The US is not considering turning to NATO to back a no-fly zone over Syria, Washington's ambassador to the alliance said Monday.

Assad says Europe will pay price if it arms rebels - Times of Israel
Syria's president warned that Europe "will pay a price" if it delivers weapons to rebels fighting to topple him, saying in an interview published Monday that arming them would backfire as the "terrorists" return to their countries with extremist ideologies.

NSA leaked documents reveal U.S. spied on Russian president - CNet
Hours after President Obama met with then Russian president Dmitry Medvedev in 2009, U.S. spies reportedly intercepted top-secret communications between Medvedev and his delegation.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
IDF not commenting on report Israel attacked Syrian airport - Jerusalem Post
The IDF was not commenting on a report on a Syrian TV station associated with the rebel forces that Israel attacked on Sunday night the military airbase Al-Miza, West of Damascus, Israel Radio reported. The report noted that a rebel organization had taken responsibility for the attack after the explosion to took place on Sunday night.

Reports in Syria: Israel attacked another airport - Ynet News
News outlets affiliated with the Syrian opposition estimated that a massive explosion heard Sunday night at the Al-Maza military airport west of Damascus area was the result of an Israeli attack.

PA: Israel declared death of 2-state solution - Ynet News
"Israel has officially declared the death of the two-state solution," chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat said Monday in response to Economy Minister Naftali Bennett's claim that the two-state solution had reached a "dead end."

Netanyahu reaffirms two-state solution after Bennett says it's at a dead-end - Jerusalem Post
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu reaffirmed Israel's commitment to a negotiated two-state solution after Economy and Trade Minister Naftali Bennett (Bayit Yehudi) said on Monday that the idea of a Palestinian state within Israel was at a dead end.

Bennett: Two-state solution is over; time to annex and build - Israel Hayom
Israel should discard the two-state solution when it comes to the conflict with the Palestinians and instead seek to "live with the problem," Economy and Trade Minister Naftali Bennett (Habayit Hayehudi) said on Monday in a conference sponsored by the Yesha Council in Jerusalem.

Joint US-Israeli contingency plan: '18 chemical targets in Syria' - Ynet News
While the US prepares to arm rebels and after its confirmation that the Syrian army has used chemical weapons and crossed the much debated "red line", Time Magazine published a detailed account of how and when the US and Israel plan to destroy President Bashar Assad's chemical weapons stockpile.

Inside the United States
Decision to arm Syrian rebels was reached weeks ago, U.S. officials say - Washington Post
President Obama's decision to begin arming the Syrian rebels followed more than a year of internal debate over whether it was worth the dual risks of involving the United States in another war and seeing U.S. weapons fall into the hands of extremist groups among the rebels.

3 NSA veterans speak out on whistle-blower: We told you so - USA Today
When a National Security Agency contractor revealed top-secret details this month on the government's collection of Americans' phone and Internet records, one select group of intelligence veterans breathed a sigh of relief.

Lawsuit claims IRS agents illegally seized medical records - Washington Times
A class-action lawsuit filed in federal court in San Diego says 15 IRS agents illegally seized the medical records of more than 10 million Americans, including California judges and their families, members of the Screen Actors Guild and Major League Baseball players.

Financial world looks to Bernanke this week to clarify Fed's timetable on economic stimulus - Washington Post
Is the era of ultra-low interest rates nearing an end? That's the question -- and the fear -- Chairman Ben Bernanke will face this week when he takes questions after a Federal Reserve policy meeting.

Graham predicts 'breakthrough' passage of immigration bill with over '70 votes' - The Hill
Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) on Sunday predicted overwhelming congressional passage of an immigration reform bill.

Will California Let Boys Use Girls Locker Rooms? - Fox News
A bill in California being reviewed by lawmakers would allow students of any gender to access public school bathrooms and locker rooms of their choice. It would also students to participate in sports activities based on "that student's assertion that he or she identifies as having a different private sense of their own gender regardless of their biological gender at birth."

U.S. media cheers for same-sex marriage: Study - Washington Post
A study by the Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism (PEJ) has completed a close examination of how the media covered the issue. The principal finding? Detractors of gay marriage couldn't buy their way into the coverage. Well, that's the unscientific way of putting things. Here's how the PEJ puts it: "Almost half (47%) of the nearly 500 stories studied from March 18 (a week prior to the Supreme Court hearings), through May 12, primarily focused on support for the measure, while 9% largely focused on opposition and 44% had a roughly equal mix of both viewpoints or were neutral."

The IRS vs. Pro-Israel Groups - National Review
Applications of pro-Israel groups for tax-exempt status are routinely routed to an antiterrorism unit within the Internal Revenue Service for additional screening, according to the testimony of a Cincinnati-based IRS agent.

NSA spying flap extends to contents of U.S. phone calls - Cnet
The National Security Agency has acknowledged in a new classified briefing that it does not need court authorization to listen to domestic phone calls, a participant said. Because the same legal standards that apply to phone calls also apply to e-mail messages, text messages, and instant messages, being able to listen to phone calls would mean the NSA analysts could also access the contents of Internet communications without going before a court and seeking approval.

Supreme Court: Arizona law requiring citizenship proof for voters is illegal - Fox News
The Supreme Court ruled Monday that states cannot require would-be voters to prove they are U.S. citizens before using a federal registration system designed to make signing up easier.

Obama's Popularity Plunges Amid Controversy - US News & World Report
President Barack Obama's approval rating is plummeting in the midst of American dissatisfaction with the recent privacy controversies and other scandals.

New House bill promises to help Israel combat existential threats - Times of Israel
The U.S. House of Representatives passed a defense authorization bill that would make it U.S. policy to take "all necessary steps" to ensure Israel is able to "remove existential threats," among them nuclear facilities in Iran.

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