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Worthy News Brief - August 1, 2013

%%First Name%%, take your enemy by surprise!

Matthew 5:39 But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.

People read this verse, and think God is telling them to be passive -- to overlook what happened. That is not a bad thing -- but it isn't exactly what Yeshua (Jesus) was saying. Turning the other cheek is not about being passive. It's about being active! So active that it actually confounds your enemy! Turning the other cheek is about taking an action so revolutionary, so shocking, so out of the ordinary that it shocks everyone around. It confounds the world -- and can also change it!

Do you truly want to overcome evil? So stop sulking about it, stop dwelling on it and stop doing nothing about it! Take a most unexpected action of surprising love -- because that is what Yeshua did for us.....and it changed our lives, didn't it?

Has someone hurt you or sinned against you? Those things happen and they always will because of our sinful human nature. But now -- turn that into an action of love!

%%First Name%%, let's make a habit of surprising those who hurt us! It may radically change lives, especially our own!

Your family in the Lord with much agape love,

George, Baht Rivka, Elianna & Obadiah
Negev Desert, Israel

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Worthy News Features
Eritrea Punishes Christians for their Faith
Eritrean authorities are punishing 39 Christian high school students by subjecting them to beatings and hard labor, according to Open Doors.

Today's Breaking News
Around the World
Analysts predict Iran able to produce atom bomb by mid-2014 - Jerusalem Post
Iran is expected to achieve a "critical capability" to produce sufficient weapon-grade uranium by mid-2014, without being detected, the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) said in a report on Tuesday.

France and Germany seek to revive EU defence policy - EU Observer
The EU needs to do more for international security France and Germany have said as they call for improved battlegroups and the use of drones in civilian airspace.

Egypt using U.S. F-16s, Apaches to counter Al Qaida offensive in Sinai - World Tribune
An Al Qaida-aligned militia has expanded operations in Egypt to include attacks on the Army and security forces.

Dolly the Sheep cloner considers re-creating woolly mammoth - CNet
Sir Ian Wilmut, who created the famous cloned sheep, examines in a new article how he might take bone marrow from a woolly mammoth and re-create the species.

Put away that cellphone: Israeli study highlights cancer risk - Times of Israel
A study by Tel Aviv University has shown, for the first time, a clear connection between cellphone use and higher risk of cancer.

Pentagon: 'Insider Attacks' in Afghanistan on Coalition Forces Spiking - Washington Free Beacon
So-called "insider attacks" on coalition forces in Afghanistan have sharply increased and become more coordinated as America pulls out of the country, jumping by 120 percent from 2011 to 2012 alone, according to Pentagon report released Tuesday.

Gay Athletes Could Be Prosecuted at 2014 Winter Olympics, Russian Lawmaker Suggests - ABC News
In Russia it is now illegal to even speak about homosexuality around minors, much less openly display gay pride. Technically the ban is against "propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations" around minors, but the implication for openly gay individuals is clear. Public displays of affection by gays, including holding hands or displaying symbols like a rainbow flag, are now banned. Violators face steep fines and jail time; foreigners face similar penalties plus deportation.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Syrian rebels' missile defense system threatens Israel - Ynet News
The video released by Syrian opposition forces which allegedly documents the tracking and interception of an army helicopter shows that rebels have managed to get their hands on Russian-made SA-8, or OSA, air defense system, and now pose a direct threat on the Israeli, Lebanese and Syrian airspaces.

PM cuts secret deal with Jewish Home on settlements - Times of Israel
In a deal to temper Jewish Home's resistance to the release of over a hundred long-time Palestinian prisoners, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has promised to advance construction of thousands of housing units in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, the Hebrew daily Maariv reported Wednesday morning.

Obama names Netanyahu critic to lead Israeli-Palestinian talks - World Tribune
The United States has named a leading critic of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to head negotiations between Israel and the Palestinian Authority for the establishment of a West Bank state in 2014.

In Gaza, Iran Finds an Ally More Agreeable Than Hamas - NY Times
In recent months, Iran has suspended millions of dollars in monthly aid to Hamas because the group did not stand by President Bashar al-Assad of Syria, its former patron, in his struggle against rebel forces. Unlike Hamas, Islamic Jihad did not leave its base in Damascus and has kept up relations with the government of Mr. Assad, a longtime Iranian ally.

Israel failed to fully destroy target in Syria airstrike - Times of Israel
An alleged Israeli airstrike on a weapons warehouse in Syria failed to destroy some of the Russian-made cruise missiles that were its target, The New York Times reported Wednesday.

Netanyahu will have to show his cards -- and a map - Times of Israel
The pundits may be skeptical of the new round of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks getting underway this week, but officials involved in the negotiations are mostly sounding upbeat and optimistic. Even chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erekat, though uncharacteristically laconic, sounded vaguely hopeful.

Israelis, Palestinians argue over which issues come up first - Israel Hayom
While outwardly looking positive, negotiators are in fact in disagreement over when to bring up core issues such as borders and security, with the Palestinians wanting to talk borders first, and Israelis demanding all topics be discussed at the same time.

Inside the United States
Government can grab cell phone location records without warrant, appeals court says - NBC
In a major victory for the Justice Department over privacy advocates, a federal appeals court ruled Tuesday that government agencies can collect records showing the location of an individual's cell phone without obtaining a warrant.

Declassified documents show NSA snooping had 'compliance' problems - Washington Times
Director of National IntelligenceJames R. Clapper Jr. on Wednesday declassified three documents that showed there have been "a number of technical compliance problems" with the government's phone-snooping program, as the Obama administration fights to preserve what it says is a critical tool in the war on terror.

Homeland Security loses track of 1 million foreigners; report could hurt immigration deal - Washington Times
The Homeland Security Department has lost track of more than 1 million people who it knows arrived in the U.S. but who it cannot prove left the country, according to an audit Tuesday that also found the department probably won't meet its own goals for deploying an entry-exit system.

Congress, Experts Question Legality of Obamacare Exchange Subsidies - Washington Free Beacon
The Obama administration cannot legally offer federal subsidies to help people buy insurance on federally run health insurance exchanges, legal experts and Congressional Republicans argued Wednesday, potentially threatening the central feature of Obamacare.

U.S. intelligence: Al Qaida plotting attacks on U.S. civilian jetliners - World Tribune
Al Qaida's network in Yemen is planning to conduct bombing attacks on American civilian aircraft.

Devious Election Plot Bypasses Constitution - WND
The National Popular Vote effort, which could see only 14 states -- those with the largest populations -- decide the presidency for voters in all 50 states, is fully partnered with a George Soros-funded election group.

Leaked NSA documents give new insight into searches - CBC
Documents published by the Guardian newspaper are providing new insight into the National Security Agency's surveillance of world data, giving an over-the-shoulder look at the programs and techniques U.S. intelligence analysts use to exploit the hundreds of billions of records they gather each year.

US House approves tough new Iran sanctions - Times of Israel
The US House of Representatives has approved tough new sanctions on Iran's oil sector and other industries.

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