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Worthy News Brief - October 2, 2013

%%First Name%%, just wait!

Exodus 24:15-18 Then Moses went up into the mountain, and a cloud covered the mountain. The glory of the LORD abode on Mount Sinai, and the cloud covered it six days; and on the seventh day He call to Moses out of the midst of the cloud. The sight of the glory of the LORD was like a consuming fire on the top of the mountain in the eyes of the children of Israel. And Moses went into the midst of the cloud as he went up into the mountain; and Moses was on the mountain forty days and forty nights.

Patience is one of those things… so hard to learn it… so hard to practice it faithfully in our daily walk. It’s one of of those things I truly wish we didn’t have to learn -- but God requires it of us! As I was reading through this passage again in Exodus, it dawned on me that Moses sat on the mountain for six entire days before the Lord spoke to him. He had to patiently wait for the Lord for six days!

So often we think we can just do as we please with our lives and then come running to God for a few minutes of prayer and get an answer right away but I don’t believe it is always that simple. Even Moses needed to be prepared for six full days in order to be able experience the awesome presence of the Lord! If Moses had to wait six days – then it should not surprise us if we need to wait 60 days, 60 months or even 60 years for the Lord to prepare us to receive His blessing!

The funny thing is as I'm writing this devotional, my daughter is clinging to me, insisting "Abba, hold me! Hold me now!" And I'm saying to her, "Elianna, just wait a couple minutes and let me finish writing this devotional and I will give you a treat!"

Hmmm… perhaps the Lord is saying to us today -- Be patient my child, if you wait on me I will give you a treat!

%%First Name%%, be encouraged! The Lord is preparing us for great things. Spend more time seeking Him and worshipping Him. Keep waiting at His feet. He will meet us! There's so much work to be done.
Your family in the Lord with much agape love,

George, Baht Rivka, Elianna & Obadiah
Negev Desert, Israel

Editor's Note: We will be arriving in the United States in early October and staying through January. If you'd like to hear what's going on in Israel from a perspective of those who live and minister there, let us know. We'd love to come and share what God is doing in the Land at your meeting, congregation or conference.

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Worthy News Features
Suicide Bombers Kill 78 Christians Outside Pakistani Church
Coming on the heels of a murderous attack by militant Islamists on an upscale mall in Nairobi, Kenya, a pair of suicide bombers blew themselves up outside the entrance of an historic Anglican church nestled within the walled city of Peshawar, Pakistan on Sunday, January 22, just as services were ending, killing 78 Christians and wounding more than 100 others.

Today's Breaking News
Around the World
Pope Francis stirs debate yet again with interview with an atheist Italian journalist - Washington Post
Pope Francis cranked up his charm offensive on the world outside the Vatican on Tuesday, saying in the second widely shared media interview in two weeks that each person "must choose to follow the good and fight evil as he conceives them" and calling efforts to convert people to Christianity "solemn nonsense."

UN: Nearly 1,000 Iraqis Killed in September - AP
An Iraqi sheik carried his infant grandson's tightly wrapped body, staring ahead with a blank gaze as men behind him bore the coffin of the baby's mother during their funeral Tuesday, a day after they were killed in a wave of bombings in Baghdad.

Inspectors arrive to dismantle Syria's chemical weapons - Deutsche Welle
Fresh inspectors have entered Syria on a mission to destroy the country's chemical weapons arsenal over the next 9 months. The team from a Netherland's based inspectorate has the endorsement of the UN Security Council.

Credit card companies eye new global payment standard - Cnet
MasterCard, Visa, and American Express have teamed up to create a new digital payment technology.

One Wrong Move at Fukushima Could Unleash a Nuclear Disaster Equivalent to 85 Chernobyls - Ryot
More than two years after a massive earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan, the Fukushima power plant sits in ruins, leaking 300 tons of contaminated water into the Pacific Ocean every day. But that's small potatoes compared to what might happen in November.

Iranian leaders tweet to the world, but back home Twitter is off-limits - Fox News
#HassanRouhani Good evening, President. Are citizens of Iran able to read your tweets?

Iran responds to Netanyahu: Don't even think about attacking us - Times of Israel
Iran on Tuesday warned Israel not to so much as "think about" attacking it, telling Israel not to "miscalculate" and stressing the Islamic Republic's ability to defend itself.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israelis and Palestinians aim to negotiate a 'final' peace deal after positive talks - UK Telegraph
Israelis and Palestinians have agreed to intensify peace talks aimed at reaching a final agreement, not an interim accord, US Secretary of State John Kerry has announced.

Al-Qaeda Battles for Control on Israel's Border - Arutz Sheva
One of the largest terrorist groups operating in the Sinai Peninsula has joined Al-Qaeda.

Netanyahu hold hours-long meetings with Biden and Kerry - Jerusalem Post
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spent over four hours in meetings with top Obama administration officials on Monday, including Vice President Joseph Biden, Secretary of State John Kerry and special envoy to the Middle East peace process Martin Indyk.

Netanyahu: Israel wants diplomacy to succeed, will stand alone against Iran if needed - Times of Israel
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the UN on Tuesday, calling on the world to keep up the pressure on Iran, including sanctions, and explaining why the regime cannot be trusted. "Israel will stand alone if it needs to," he told the General Assembly.

Inside the United States
Fast and Furious lawsuit can proceed, judge tells Obama administration - Washington Times
A federal judge ruled Monday evening that the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee could indeed proceed with a lawsuit against the Justice Department to access certain Fast and Furious documents.

Atheist students use federal law to pursue same rights as Christians for 'secular safe zones' - Washington Times
A 30-year-old federal law created to protect the right of Christian students to gather now is being used to protect the rights of students with opposite beliefs.

Obama now says Obamacare will bring months of 'glitches' - Washington Times
President Obama said in comments broadcast Tuesday, on the cusp of enrollment in Obamacare's exchanges, that of course there will be "glitches" in the implementation of the health reform -- months of glitches, he added.

More NSA leaks to come, Guardian newspaper says - PC World
The flood of stories on government spying will not be slowing soon -- in fact the majority of the most important documents detailing how the U.S. National Security Agency collects personal data have not been published yet, journalists from U.K. newspaper The Guardian said on Tuesday.

'The system is down': Obamacare glitches go public, reasons unclear - Reuters
Blank boxes where security questions are supposed to appear. Pleas to "be patient." Error messages galore. Notices that "the system is busy right now." Web pages timing out before they load. Garbled lines of text riddled with stray question marks.

Calif. Gov. Brown signs anti-revenge porn bill - USA Today
California Gov. Jerry Brown on Tuesday signed a bill outlawing so-called revenge porn and levying possible jail time for people who post naked photos of their exes after bitter breakups.

Shutdown begins as Congress remains deadlocked - NBC News
A partial federal government shutdown began Tuesday morning as a deadlocked Congress failed to reach an agreement on a short-term funding bill by a 12:01 a.m. ET deadline.

Latest House bid fails as bitter back-and-forth over government shutdown rages - CNN
While up to 800,000 federal workers faced life without a paycheck as Day One of the government shutdown kicked in, Democrats and Republicans persisted in talking past each other without actually talking to each other to end the nation's latest fiscal crisis.

John Boehner: Obama owns this shutdown now - USA Today
The president isn't telling the whole story when it comes to the government shutdown. The fact is that Washington Democrats have slammed the door on reopening the government by refusing to engage in bipartisan talks. And, as stories across the country highlight the devastating impact of Obamacare on families and small businesses, they continue to reject our calls for fairness for all Americans.

Shutdown is nothing: Debt ceiling debacle could be ugly - NBC News
Tuesday's government shutdown could be just the warm-up act. The failure by Congress on Monday to renew the federal budget into a new fiscal year is expected to be followed in a few weeks -- no one knows exactly when -- by an even more dangerous stalemate over raising the government's borrowing authority.

Congress still gets paid -- it's in the Constitution - CNN
In an extended shutdown, most of the federal workforce would go without pay, but the checks will keep coming to the 533 current members of Congress.

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