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Worthy News Brief - November 18, 2013

%%First Name%%, dying to be free!

Romans 8:13-14 For if ye live after the flesh, ye shall die: but if ye through the Spirit do mortify the deeds of the body, ye shall live. For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the sons of God.

Once upon a time, there was a prince who received a very rare and beautiful bird. He named her Goldie and placed her in a lovely, 14K gold cage. But the poor creature was not impressed by the gold at all. She pleaded for her freedom but the prince loved her much too much to part with her. Still, she continued tobeg. In final desperation, she asked that he at least allow her go to her relatives and tell them that, though captive, she was still alive.

The prince was not certain she would return if he allowed her to go, so he decided to go and inform them himself. He went into the forest, where Goldie directed him and he found her sister. When she heard the awful news of Goldie's capture, she immediately fell to the ground and died.

Sorrowful, he returned to his castle and told Goldie the sad news that her sister had died. Immediately Goldie collapsed and died in the same manner.

Perpexed, but a tear rolling down his cheek, the prince then took the poor bird out of the cage, gently wrapped her in a cloth and placed her on his window sill in order to bury her. Suddenly, to the prince's amazement, the cloth began to move and Goldie fluttered out. She quickly flew out the window and landed in the nearest tree.

"You don't understand, fine prince" called the bird from the nearby, "by pretending to die, my sister taught me the way to escape."

The moral of the story is simply this. If we want to truly be free -- we have to die! 

%%First Name%%, if we want to truly live a life of freedom, a life full of peace and joy, a life which provokes others to jealousy -- we must learn to die to our flesh and give our all to the One who has given His all for us! Let's take up our cross once again today.

Your family in the Lord with much agape love,

George, Baht Rivka, Elianna & Obadiah
Currently in Baltimore, Maryland

Editor's Note: We'll be speaking in North Carolina and South Carolina this week. You can view our speaking calendar online.

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Worthy News Features
Hundreds of Christian refugees languish in Asia
The president of the Pakistan Christian Congress expressed concerns about the delays in processing hundreds of Pakistani Christian refugees in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong who have been waiting years for decisions on their asylum applications while living under deplorable conditions, according to the Pakistan Christian Post.
Mexican Mob attacks Christians, Church
Traditionalist Catholics assaulted a congregation of evangelical Christians with rods and stones in Oaxaca, Mexico last week, according to Morning Star News.

Today's Breaking News
Around the World
Japan's Fukushima nuclear plant begins fuel rod removal - BBC
Workers at Japan's stricken Fukushima nuclear plant have begun removing fuel rods from a storage pond at the Unit 4 reactor building.

Geneva talks a facade, US-Iran worked secretly on deal for past year - Times of Israel
The Geneva negotiations between the so-called P5+1 powers and Iran are a mere "facade," because the terms of a deal on Iran's nuclear program have been negotiated in talks between a top adviser to President Barack Obama and a leading Iranian nuclear official that have continued in secret for more than a year, Israeli television reported Sunday.

Iranian dissidents say Iran has built secret new nuclear site - Reuters
An exiled Iranian opposition group said on Monday it had information about an underground nuclear site being built in Iran and that this was among a number of secret venues for an atomic bomb program.

Report: Russia strikes missile deal with Egypt - AP
The head of Russia's state-controlled industrial holding company says Moscow has signed a deal to provide Egypt with air defense missile systems.

Iran unveils attack drone 'with 2,000 km range' - AFP
Iran on Monday unveiled a missile-equipped drone with a range of 2,000 kilometres (1,200 miles), the official IRNA news agency reported.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Ex-IDF intel chief: Regional war unlikely if Israel strikes Iran - Times of Israel
A regional war, coupled with a closure of the Strait of Hormuz and a series of terror attacks -- the horror scenario commonly depicted by Western powers if Israel were to launch a limited strike against Iran -- is highly unlikely, a former head of military intelligence wrote this week in advance of a third round of nuclear talks between Iran and the six world powers. He also said talk of such a scenario was harmful to global diplomacy and, ironically, increased the likelihood of Israeli military action.

Israel said to be working with Saudi Arabia on Iran strike plan - Times of Israel
Israel is working on coordinating plans for a possible military strike with Saudi Arabia, with Riyadh prepared to provide tactical support to Jerusalem, a British newspaper reported early Sunday.

Amid rising tensions, Kerry postpones visit to Israel - Times of Israel
US Secretary of State John Kerry has postponed a visit to Israel reportedly scheduled for this week, saying it would take place "after Thanksgiving," the State Department confirmed Monday.

Palestinians commit to 9 months of peace talks - AP
Though furious over Israeli settlement expansions, the Palestinian president said negotiators will attend at least nine months of peace talks with Israel.

Netanyahu to Hollande: Israel will not be bound by 'bad' agreement on Iran - Jerusalem Post
Israel will not be bound by a "bad agreement" with Iran, and when it says "never again," it means it, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said on Sunday night at a press conference with French President Francois Hollande.

Inside the United States
White House: For Obamacare website, 20 percent failure rate best we can do - Washington Times
The White House began grading itself on a curve for Obamacare enrollment Monday, claiming that a goal of 80 percent recruitment among all users of the website would be nearly the best result possible.

Treasury Forced to Issue $1T in New Debt in First 6 Weeks of FY14 - CNS News
Between Oct. 1, 2013, the first day of fiscal 2014, and Nov. 14 -- which was less than a month after Congress agreed to temporarily suspend the legal limit on the federal debt -- the Treasury was forced to issue more than $1 trillion in new debt.

Congress and Courts Weigh Restraints on N.S.A. Spying - NY Times
Congressional critics of the National Security Agency program that collects the telephone records of millions of Americans stepped up their efforts as the Supreme Court on Monday turned away an unusual challenge to the scope of the surveillance.

Louisiana 25-acre sinkhole brings mini-earthquakes, explosion fears - Fox News
Scientists are now saying they will need to monitor for decades an enormous -- and growing -- Louisiana sinkhole that has forced hundreds to evacuate and has been registering increased seismic activity, including mini-earthquakes.

Deadly storms spawn more than 80 reports of tornadoes in Midwest - Chicago Tribune
The scale of Sunday's deadly storms became clearer today: Six people dead in Illinois, hundreds of homes flattened and splintered, more than 80 tornadoes reported through the Midwest, 358 reports of damaging winds, 40 reports of large hail.

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Thank you so much for is what I am needing to hear...

God bless you.


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