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Worthy News Brief - March 12, 2014

%%First Name%%, listen carefully!

Psalms 46:10 Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

"Before refrigerators, people used ice-houses to preserve their food. Ice-houses had thick walls, no windows, and a tightly fitted door. In winter, when streams and lakes were frozen, large blocks of ice were cut from the frozen waters, hauled to the ice-houses, and covered with sawdust. Often these ice-blocks would last well into the summer.

One man lost a valuable watch while working in an ice-house. He searched diligently for it, carefully raking through the sawdust, but didn't find it. His fellow workers also looked, but their efforts, too, proved futile. A small boy who heard about the fruitless search slipped into the ice-house during the noon hour and soon emerged with the watch.

Amazed, the men asked him how he found it.

"I closed the door," the boy replied, "lay down in the sawdust, and kept very still. Soon I heard the watch ticking." (story taken from "Directions" by James Hamilton)

So often life can become so hectic that it becomes hard to find time to sit still and just listen to what the Lord is saying. But Jesus often secluded himself, so that He could commune intimately with His Father. In these days and in this hour it's so imperative that we spend time in our own prayer closets, so we can clearly hear what our Father is saying to us, through His still small voice. If we do, we may find some wonderful and valuable things that others have missed.

%%First Name%%, the question isn't whether God will speak, but whether we will take the time to be quiet and still enough to hear His voice. Let's be sure to take that time to hear what He's saying to us!

Your family in the Lord with much agape love,

George, Baht Rivka, Elianna & Obadiah
Negev Desert, Israel

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Worthy News Features
North Koreans Face Execution for Contact with Missionary
Thirty-three Koreans could be executed by the North's State Security Department Sunday for allegedly accepting funds to overthrow Kim Jong-un's regime, according to Chosun Media.
Religious Freedom Act stalled in US Senate
Legislation to help protect persecuted religious minorities in the Middle East has been stalled in the Senate, according to International Christian Concern.

Today's Breaking News
Around the World
Ignoring West, Crimea readies vote on joining Russia - CNN
The pro-Russian government of Ukraine's southeastern Crimean region declared independence Tuesday ahead of a scheduled referendum on whether to join Russia, ignoring international warnings that the vote won't be recognized.

Russian Paratroopers Hold Massive Drills as Crimea Vote Nears - RIA Novosti
An airborne division based in central Russia began large-scale exercises Tuesday against the backdrop of an ongoing political and security crisis in Ukraine.

Volcano erupts in Indonesia: 76,000 evacuated, most of Java's airports shut - EuroNews
More than 76,000 people fled their homes and flights were grounded across most of Indonesia's densely populated island of Java on Friday after a volcanic eruption sent a huge plume of ash and sand 17 km (10 miles) into the air.

Iran's finger on trigger to destroy Israel, warns senior Revolutionary Guards commander - Ha'aretz
A senior member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards warned Tuesday that the Islamic Republic could destroy Israel and any spot under its control. He also reiterated Iran's assertion that it is not behind the arms shipment that the Israel Navy seized last week, allegedly en route to Gaza.

Reset? What reset? U.S.-Russia ties at worst since Cold War - Washington Times
Five years ago, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton playfully presented Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov with a red "reset button," a symbol of the Obama administration's intention to improve ties that had hit a low point during the George W. Bush administration.

Canada: Christians ordered to teach Wiccan, pagan rites - WND
A dispute over whether government can require Catholic schools to teach Wiccan and pagan rites as equal to the Ten Commandments and the resurrection of Jesus is heading to Canada's highest court.

White House: War games in Poland intended as a show of force - Washington Examiner
White House press secretary Jay Carney said war games the U.S. and Poland began Tuesday are a show of united NATO force against the Russian incursion into Ukraine's Crimean peninsula.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israeli-Palestinian talks shaping up over next prisoner release - Jerusalem Post
Israel and the Palestinians are keying up for a major battle over the coming two weeks regarding whether Israeli Arabs will be included in the next security prisoner release later this month.

Israel PM says no deal unless Palestinians recognise Jewish state - AFP
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday ruled out any deal with the Palestinians unless they recognise Israel as the Jewish state and give up their refugees' right of return.

Israel's prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu tells West: 'Drop your illusions about Iran' - UK Telegraph
Benjamin Netanyahu accused the West of failing to condemn Iran's involvement in an intercepted weapons shipment on Monday because it wanted to delude itself that the country's leaders had changed course.

Four killed in Gaza, apparently while making bomb - Ha'aretz
Four Palestinians were killed on Tuesday in a house explosion in the northern Gaza Strip village of Beit Hanoun, in what local officials have termed a work accident.

Hamas unveils rocket statue in Gaza City - AFP
Hamas unveiled a rocket-shaped statue Monday showcasing its capacity to strike arch-enemy Israel, as the Jewish state boasted its own haul of captured weapons it claims were bound for Gaza.

Inside the United States
Scientists call for radiation tests as Fukushima remnants approach coast - StatesmanJournal
Very low levels of radiation from the Fukushima nuclear disaster likely will reach ocean waters along the U.S. West Coast next month, scientists are reporting.

U.S. Air Force sticks to $550 million target for new bomber - Reuters
The U.S. Air Force is "holding tight" to a target of $550 million for each new long-range bomber in a fleet of up to 100 aircraft, excluding research and development costs, an Air Force official said on Tuesday.

Obamacare enrollment at 4M, but slowing - Washington Times
More than 4.2 million Americans had selected private health care plans from the Obamacare marketplace through the end of February, though the rate of sign-ups dropped last month and young people still aren't enrolling quickly enough, according to numbers the administration released Tuesday.

New Oversight report claims Lois Lerner misled Congress on IRS targeting - Washington Examiner
A GOP-led House panel Tuesday released an extensive report that attempts to show former top Internal Revenue Service official Lois Lerner lied to Congress about her involvement in the targeting of conservative groups seeking tax exempt status.

Dianne Feinstein: CIA spied on Senate Intelligence Committee - Washington Examiner
Senate Intelligence Committee Chairwoman Dianne Feinstein accused the CIA of spying on her panel's computers, a possible illegal act she says has prompted a Justice Department investigation.

U.S. Electric Grid 'Inherently Vulnerable' to Sabotage - Washington Free Beacon
Electric grid compounds across the country have faced an uptick in unauthorized intrusions by unknown individuals, causing concern that the U.S. grid is "inherently vulnerable" to widespread sabotage, according to a recent oversight report issued by New Jersey's Regional Operations Intelligence Center (ROIC), which monitors the threat level.

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