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Worthy News Brief - March 24, 2014

%%First Name%%, have you forgotten something?

Psalms 111:4 He hath made his wonderful works to be remembered: the LORD is gracious and full of compassion.

A farmer was showing his visiting citydwelling friend around his farm. "Watch this!" he said. He gave a whistle and his little dog came running from the house, herded the cattle into the corral, then latched the gate with her paw. "Wow, that's some dog -- what's her name?" The forgetful farmer thought for a minute and then asked, "What do you call that red flower that smells good and has thorns on the stem?" "A rose?" "That's it!" The farmer turned to his wife. "Hey Rose, what do we call this dog?"

Funny how we forget things, isn't it? But I'm not so sure God finds it all that funny! When we read about the children of Israel and their journeys through the wilderness for forty years, we see how God provided wonderful miracles for them, feeding them daily with manna, guiding them by a pillar of fire by night and a cloud by day, parting the Red Sea!

How is it, then, that they became so very hard hearted toward Him? Over time, I think those miracles just became commonplace and they began to take them for granted!

But then again when I look back on my life, I can't really blame them. It happens to the best of us! God has done miracles in our lives and I'm sure he's done many in each of yours as well! But we still get anxious when things aren't going quite the way we hoped, don't we?

Recall a miracle of God in your life. Remember the joy you felt? We need to relive that joy today! The miracle of God's new birth in us and the many other miracles God has done are not ones to be quickly forgotten. We need to relive them daily!

%%First Name%%, we never want to become cold toward God! Let's spend some time remembering the miracles He has done in our lives and strive to trust Him for the trials we face today!

Your family in the Lord with much agape love,

George, Baht Rivka, Elianna & Obadiah
Negev Desert, Israel

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Worthy News Features
Nigerian Christians in the Crosshairs of Muslims
Muslims have once again targeted Christians in Nigeria, killing more than 100 over the past weekend.

Today's Breaking News
Around the World
Islamic law is adopted by British legal chiefs - UK Telegraph
Islamic law is to be effectively enshrined in the British legal system for the first time under guidelines for solicitors on drawing up "Sharia compliant" wills.

At least 59 people dead in Guinea Ebola outbreak - CNN
An Ebola outbreak has killed at least 59 people in Guinea, UNICEF said, as the deadly hemorrhagic fever has quickly spread from southern communities in the West African nation.

Russian forces storm one of the last Ukrainian military outposts in Crimea - Washington Post
With a burst of automatic weapons fire and stun grenades, Russian forces in armored personnel carriers on Saturday broke through the walls of one of the last Ukrainian military outposts in Crimea, then quickly overpowered Ukrainian troops armed only with sticks.

Egypt sentences 529 Morsi supporters to death - Times of Israel
A court in Egypt on Monday sentenced 529 supporters of ousted Islamist president Mohamed Morsi to death after a mass trial, judicial sources said.

NATO commander warns of Russian threat to separatist Moldova region - Reuters
NATO's top military commander said on Sunday Russia had built up a "very sizeable" force on its border with Ukraine and Moscow may have a region in another ex-Soviet republic, Moldova, in its sights after annexing Crimea.

Was Columbus secretly a Jew? - CNN
Everybody knows the story of Columbus, right? He was an Italian explorer from Genoa who set sail in 1492 to enrich the Spanish monarchs with gold and spices from the orient. Not quite. For too long, scholars have ignored Columbus' grand passion: the quest to liberate Jerusalem from the Muslims.

Iranians up to 'no good' with U.S. aircraft carrier mock-up - USA Today
The senior Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee says Iran's construction of a mock-up U.S. aircraft carrier demonstrates Iran's continued lack of good faith.

Ukraine 'will never accept' Crimea annexation, President says - CNN
Western powers slapped sanctions on more than two dozen Russian officials and their allies in Ukraine's Crimea region on Monday, while Ukrainian officials vowed they would never accept the territory's annexation by Russia.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Israel steps up warnings of military strike on Iran to return attention to its nuclear program - Fox News
A rising chorus of Israeli voices is again raising the possibility of carrying out a military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities in what appears to be an attempt to draw renewed attention to Tehran's atomic program -- and Israel's unhappiness with international negotiations with the Iranians.

TV report: Abbas said 'no' to Obama on 3 core peace issues - Times of Israel
On his trip to Washington this week, Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas rejected US Secretary of State John Kerry's framework document for continued peace talks with Israel, and issued "three no's" on core issues, leaving the negotiations heading for an explosive collapse, an Israeli TV report said Friday.

Netanyahu: No sign of progress in diplomatic process - Jerusalem Post
The Palestinians are refusing to budge on the issue of recognizing Israel as a Jewish state and forfeiting the "right of return," Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said on Sunday.

US 'could free Jonathan Pollard' to rescue peace talks - UK Telegraph
Jonathan Pollard, an Israeli citizen serving a life sentence for spying on the US, could be freed by the Obama administration in a dramatic effort to save ailing Middle East peace talks, local media reported on Sunday.

After Jenin raid, Netanyahu vows Israel 'will attack those who attack us' - Jerusalem Post
Israel will continue using force to thwart planned attacks, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu pledged on Sunday, a day after a counterterrorism raid in Jenin led to the death of three Palestinians and sparked rioting.

Assad used escalation in Gaza to deliver weapons to Hezbollah - Ynet News
The Syrian government used an escalation of hostilities between Israel and Gaza-based terrorist organizations to deliver a shipment of advanced weapons to Hezbollah, according to a Saturday report from Saudi newspaper Al Watan.

Rabbi, student arrested for trying to slaughter donkey as sacrifice for sins - Jerusalem Post
Jerusalem police arrested a rabbi and his student on Friday for trying to slaughter and sacrifice a female donkey.

Inside the United States
14 earthquakes recorded in Oklahoma since Friday - Fox News
The U.S. Geological Survey has recorded 14 earthquakes in Oklahoma since about 9:30 p.m. Friday, the largest being a magnitude 4.0.

Supreme Court to weigh religious rights of corporations vs. Obamacare's 'contraception mandate' - Washington Times
Obamacare is on the docket Tuesday in one of the biggest religious freedom cases to hit the Supreme Court in years, as the justices hear from corporate owners who say their personal beliefs should trump a government mandate that requires their company health care plans to insure birth control.

Home-Schooling German Family Unexpectedly Allowed to Stay in U.S. - TownHall
In 2008 the Romeike family emigrated from Germany to the United States to escape religious persecution. Like so many American families, all they wanted to do was home school their children in accordance with their faith.

Failure to Report - Washington Free Beacon
Two senior House leaders on Friday requested an investigation by Congress' General Accountability Office (GAO) into the State Department's failure to report Russian violations of a 1987 nuclear missile accord.

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