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Worthy News Brief - May 7, 2014

%%First Name%%, be endued with power from on high!

Luke 24:49 And, behold, I send the promise of my Father upon you: but tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem, until ye be endued with power from on high.

Shortly after WWI, Lawrence of Arabia was entertaining some of his Arab friends in Paris. He showed them the sights of the city: the Arc d'Triomph, the Louvre, the Champs Elysees. It was a remarkable irony to Lawrence that these amazing sights were not what most impressed his Arab friends -- but rather the bathtub faucet of their hotel room. They were completely astonished that someone could turn a handle...and get all the water he wanted.

As they were preparing to leave Paris, Lawrence found his foreign friends in the bathroom with wrenches trying to disconnect the faucet.

They said, "It is very dry in Arabia. What we need are faucets. If we have them, we will have all the water we want." Lawrence had to explain that the water did not come from the faucets, but rather from the water supply to which they were connected. It doesn't matter if you have a faucet -- if you're not connected to the water supply!

As we approach the Jewish festival of Shavuot otherwise known as the day of Pentecost, we're reminded of how God endued those in the Upper Room with power from on high! They waited – and waited – and waited, for the promised coming of the Holy Spirit. They didn't go forth proclaiming the gospel UNTIL they were filled with power from on high. I believe as they were in prayer in the upper room, God was revealing different sins in their lives that He wanted them to deal with, so that He could fill them to overflowing. The Lord did not want these saints just to be faucets -- but rather, conduits of his power!

%%First Name%%, let's spend time today making sure all the obstructions are cleared -- so that we can be the spirit-filled saints God has called us to be in these last days! There's so much work to be done -- but let's be sure we're doing the work, fully endued with power from on high!

Your family in the Lord with much agape love,

George, Baht Rivka, Elianna & Obadiah
Negev Desert, Israel

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Worthy News Features
Private Christians across China to face public persecution
Thousands of Christians who worship in private "underground" churches across China are now facing public persecution, according to International Christian Concern.
Nepalese minorities must 'reconsider their faith'
The Nepali government just announced that though all its citizens will be provided with national identity cards, members of religious minorities must submit to greater scrutiny to get their IDs, according to AsiaNews.
Eritrea even persecutes 'official' Christians
Eritrea even persecutes its own officially recognized religions. Just last week, five Christians about to be ordained in Eritrea's state sanctioned Evangelical Lutheran Church were arrested instead, according to Morning Star News.

Today's Breaking News
Around the World
Egypt's Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi vows to end Muslim Brotherhood - CBC
Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi, the former military chief who removed Egypt's Islamist president and who is now considered certain to become the next president in elections this month, said the Muslim Brotherhood will never return as an organization, accusing it of using militant groups to destabilize the country.

UN: Spread of Polio Now a World Health Emergency - AP
For the first time ever, the World Health Organization on Monday declared the spread of polio an international public health emergency that could grow in the next few months and unravel the nearly three-decade effort to eradicate the crippling disease.

10 EU Nations Set to Tax Financial Transactions - ABC News
A group of ten European Union countries has agreed to introduce a financial transaction tax from 2016 onward, in an effort to curb speculation and claw back revenues after governments had to bail out banks.

Russian military increases Pacific flights, U.S. general says - UPI
The Russian military has stepped up activity in the Pacific Ocean, with flights of bombers off the California coast and around the island of Guam, a U.S. general said.

Iran Admiral: US Ships Are a Target in Case of War - ABC News
Iran will target American aircraft carriers in the Persian Gulf should a war between the two countries ever break out, the naval chief of Iran's powerful Revolutionary Guard warned Tuesday as the country completes work on a large-scale mock-up of a U.S. carrier.

Russia to deploy new submarines, ships to Black Sea fleet - Reuters
Russia will beef up its Black Sea fleet this year with new submarines and warships, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu was quoted as saying on Tuesday, following the annexation of the Crimean peninsula.

UN committee on torture brings Vatican delegation back for second round of questioning - Fox News
In its second grilling at the United Nations this year, the Vatican on Monday sought to limit its responsibility for the global priest sex abuse scandal by undercutting arguments it has violated an international treaty against torture and inhuman treatment.

Pro-Russia Militants Killed in Ukraine Offensive - CBN News
Thirty pro-Russian insurgents have been killed in Ukraine's latest push to remove anti-government forces from the east.

Large explosion rocks northern Iranian city - Times of Israel
Tehran denies report, says only one person injured in fire; Qazvin reported to have secret uranium enrichment facility.

Russia may achieve goals without Ukraine invasion: NATO commander - CBC
NATO's top military commander in Europe said on Monday he no longer thought regular Russian troops would enter eastern Ukraine, predicting Moscow could achieve its goals through the unconventional forces stirring up trouble there.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Peres Reveals: I Reached an Agreement With Abbas 3 Years Ago - Arutz Sheva
President Shimon Peres revealed on Monday that three years ago he reached a peace agreement with Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas.

Likud Convention May Vote on Temple Mount Prayer - Arutz Sheva
The question of Jewish prayer rights on the Temple Mount may be decided by the Likud Convention. As per a decision Tuesday by the Likud's internal court, the Directorate of the Likud Convention will decide Wednesday whether to bring the matter before the the Likud Convention plenum, which convenes Wednesday and Thursday.

Israeli archaeologist says he's found citadel captured by King David - Fox News
An Israeli archaeologist says he has found the legendary citadel captured by King David in his conquest of Jerusalem, rekindling a longstanding debate about using the Bible as a field guide to identifying ancient ruins.

US envoy to resign after blaming settlements for talks failure - Times of Israel
Martin Indyk, US special envoy to the Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations, reportedly will resign from his position following the recent failure of the US-backed talks.

Liberman: US spying accusations false, 'malicious' - Times of Israel
Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman on Wednesday morning shot down claims, published by Newsweek, that Israel is spying on the United States.

Inside the United States
US Congress prepares hearings to reconsider Palestinian aid after formation of unity government - Jerusalem Post
Mere days after the Palestinian Authority announced its intention to form a unity government with Hamas, the US Congress is examining the process required to cut off aid to the organization.

Obama expresses commitment to two-state solution on Israel's Independence Day - Jerusalem Post
US President Barack Obama is sent his "warmest wishes" to the Israeli people as Israel celebrate 66 years of independence, pledging to work with Israel "to support a two-state solution to the decades-old conflict" with the Palestinian people.

Human brain microchip is 9,000 times faster than a PC - Fox News
Despite advances in computing, today's computers remain far less efficient than the 3-lb. hunk of matter in our skulls. But a new microchip modeled on the human brain is much faster and more efficient than a typical computer, researchers report.

Op-ED: Can God bless a Godless America? - Fox News
The White House is waging an all-out assault on religious liberty. Public schools are indoctrinating our children with the gospel of secularism. Hollywood is spewing toxins into our homes. The soundtrack of our lives is a pulsating mix of sex and violence and filth. The American family is in ruins. What was once wrong is now right and what was once right is now wrong.

House Panel: White House 'Stonewalling' on Benghazi - CBN News
A special House committee is investigating what it calls "White House stone-walling" on the September 11, 2012 assault on the U.S. diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, Libya.

Divorce Shocker: Most Marriages Do Make It - CBN News
Most people believe only half of U.S. marriages make it. But a leading researcher is announcing the true divorce rate is much lower and always has been.

Harry Reid: No Benghazi select committee in the Senate - Washington Examiner
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said he will not form a select committee in the upper chamber to examine the fatal terrorist attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, despite a House move to create such a panel.

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