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Worthy News Brief - May 22, 2014

%%First Name%%, become a spring in the desert!

Song of Solomon 1:14 My beloved is to me as a cluster of henna blossoms in the vineyards of En Gedi.

En Gedi is a nature reserve about 40 minutes from our home. Surrounded by dry, barren, rocky ground, except to theeast where the Dead Sea lies, it is an oasis, fed year round by springs of fresh water, and home to some of the most unique wild and botanical life in the world.

In the Song of Solomon, the King likens his beloved to flowers in the desert, his experience of En Gedi, evoking thedramatic contrast between a harsh and arid landscape and the exquisite refreshing floral beauty of an oasis. Such was Solomon's experience of romantic love, perhaps with the Queen of Sheba.

Now you may feel like you’re walking through a desert -- wandering in a wilderness...thirsty, and perhaps, longing for love...

Seek the Lord your God. His Presence is an eternal spring and a perpetual oasis in this arid world, and His love is better than the most desirable romantic experience you could hope for. It's a love which flows from an eternal spring, Yeshua (Jesus), Himself, and its sweetness and power will cause flowers to bloom throughout your dry and barren life.

%%First Name%%, drink from the spring of life, your beloved, Yeshua – He will fill you to overflowing, and make you, yourself, a livingspring...for this thirsty, love-starved world.

Your family in the Lord with much agape love,

George, Baht Rivka, Elianna & Obadiah
Negev Desert, Israel

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Worthy News Features
Florida Man Wants To Open A Meeting With Satanic Prayer
A man who convinced Florida Governor Rick Scott to permit an eight foot "Festivus" pole of beer cans to be placed next to a Deerfield Beach nativity crèche last December has informed the New Times that he has converted from "Pabstfestidian" because Satan is cool, according to the Daily Kos.
Pastor Jailed for Displaying Anti-Abortion Sign
A Christian legal group is defending a pastor who was arrested for protesting outside an abortion clinic in Mississippi, according to CBN News.
Nigeria: Suicide Bomb Kills 20 Christians in Kano
Christian sources said a suicide bombing Sunday in the Christian quarter of the Muslim-majority city of Kano, Nigeria, killed about 20 people, according to Morning Star News Morning Star News.
Iranian Commander: Islamic Revolution Must Be Global
The "Islamic revolution is not confined to Iran's borders" and the "Satanic crimes" perpetrated the United States and Israel must be confronted, stated Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commander (IRGC) Mohammed Jafari in a press conference monitored by Worthy News.
Persian Film Depicts Nuclear War with Israel
A Persian-language animated film shows an Iranian reprisal for a failed Israeli nuclear attack on Iran, and depicts the destruction of Israel by Islamic military forces.

Today's Breaking News
Around the World
Pope Faces Serious Health Concerns as Holy Land Trip Begins - NewsMax
As Pope Francis begins a trip to the Holy Land on Saturday with a rigorous schedule that could be challenging even for the healthiest person, Vatican insiders are raising questions about the pontiff's health.

State Dept. Won't Say If Christian Toddler Jailed in Sudan is U.S. Citizen - CNS News
The U.S. State Department on Monday declined to say if Martin Wani, a 20-month-old Christian boy imprisoned by the Islamist Sudanese government, is a U.S. citizen.

Russia tests new intercontinental ballistic missile warhead - Washington Times
Russia conducted a flight test of an intercontinental ballistic missile Tuesday that state media in Moscow said included the test of an advanced warhead.

Nigerian Islamists kill 26 in two attacks, police say - Fox News
Suspected Nigerian Islamist militants reportedly killed 26 people in remote villages overnight.

US sends in another warship ahead of Ukraine vote - Global Post
The United States is sending another warship to the Black Sea to reassure its allies over Russia's actions in Ukraine, where the country holds a crucial presidential election at the weekend.

China signs 30-year deal for Russian natural gas - Washington Post
China signed a landmark $400 billion deal Wednesday to buy natural gas from Russia, binding Moscow more closely to Beijing at a time when President Vladimir Putin's relations with the West have deteriorated to the lowest point ever.

600 million citizens of India are now enrolled with biometric ID - SPIE
The most ambitious biometric deployment in history, to enroll the iris patterns and other identifying data of all 1.2 billion Indian citizens in three years, has now passed its halfway mark.

Blasts kill at least 118 in Nigeria - Reuters
Back-to-back bomb blasts killed at least 118 people and wounded 45 in the crowded business district of the central Nigerian city of Jos on Tuesday, emergency services said, in an attack that appeared to bear the hallmarks of the Boko Haram insurgents.

Israel-Palestinian Conflict
Netanyahu Was 'This Close' to Dumping Livni Over Abbas Meeting - Arutz Sheva
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was on the verge of firing Justice Minister Tzipi Livni after her recent meeting with Palestinian Authority Chief Mahmoud Abbas in London -- but restrained himself, according to a report in business magazine Maariv This Week.

Israel in danger without Egypt's army in Sinai, says al-Sisi - Ynet News
Egyptian military chief turned presidential candidate Abdel Fattah al-Sisi has given Israel a clear reminder of the danger its faces from militants in the Sinai Peninsula, against which Egypt provides a vital defense.

IDF's budget crisis not a bluff, Gantz warns - Israel Hayom
Israel Defense Forces Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz warned Tuesday of the budgetary crisis the military is facing as a result of the cuts imposed on defense spending and the Finance Ministry's refusal to approve additional funds for the IDF.

David's Sling missile shield unlikely to be ready in 2015 - Ynet News
Israel's US-backed David Sling missile shield is unlikely to be deployed by next year as originally scheduled, an Israeli defense official said on Wednesday, citing budget shortfalls.

Mashaal on unity: Hamas made concessions to Fatah, won't compromise on Israel - Jerusalem Post
Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal said on Tuesday the Islamist group was close to mending rifts with rival President Mahmoud Abbas's Palestine Liberation Organization, but vowed resistance against Israel will continue.

Inside the United States
FBI chief: 'Be suspicious' of government power - The Hill
The head of the FBI says he understands why people worry about the scope of the government's powers, and in fact, he agrees with them.

Poll: 47% of Unemployed Have 'Completely Given Up' Looking for a Job - Weekly Standard
A new poll suggests that finding employment, particularly for the long-term unemployed, continues to be a struggle for Americans. The poll, conducted by Harris Poll on behalf of Express Employment Professionals, asked questions of 1,500 unemployed adult Americans last month.

Dems Kill Key Pro-Israel bill to Appease White House on Iran - Washington Free Beacon
The fallout from a rushed, late night decision by a leading Democrat to scuttle key pro-Israel legislation in a bid to appease the Obama administration threatens to complicate efforts by Democrats to hold on to the Senate, according to sources on Capitol Hill and in the pro-Israel community.

Washington's High Court Swears In First Openly Gay Justice - AP
Mary Yu was sworn in as the newest member of the Washington state Supreme Court on Tuesday, marking the first time the high court has had an openly gay justice.

Federal funds earmarked to offset Affordable Care Act insurer losses - LA Times
The Obama administration has quietly adjusted key provisions of its signature healthcare law to potentially make billions of additional taxpayer dollars available to the insurance industry if companies providing coverage through the Affordable Care Act lose money.

Cellphone data spying: It's not just the NSA - USA Today
The National Security Agency isn't the only government entity secretly collecting data from people's cellphones. Local police are increasingly scooping it up, too.

Pew Study: Recession Lingers in 26 States as Revenue Lags - Money News
Tax revenue in more than half of U.S. states still hasn't fully recovered from the recession that ended five years ago, according to a report by the Pew Charitable Trusts.

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